Have you ever had the strange feeling that you had already read the cartoon strips that were published in today’s newspaper? Or, wondered whether the horoscopes were really written by an astrologer after monitoring the positions of stars every morning?

Ask Jack Stefancic, reporter for The Crazewood Journal, a fictional small-town newspaper in the novel Page-A1.

“No comments,” he would reply.

The Crazewood Journal’s political bias emerges when it begins to cover the campaigns of Juan McPain and Borak O’Drama for Crazewood mayor.

To stay afloat in business, the newspaper’s publisher, who is also the editor-in-chief, resorts to union busting, phony diversity campaign, offers kickbacks to corporate advertisers and siphons resources from print to online edition.

Page-A1 is written in newspaper style including a section in a Q & A format and a typo in a headline. This 76,000-word novel will make you laugh, ponder and will prompt you to buy a copy of your local newspaper, just to support the publication.