Sound off

 The stories of a small-town paper can provide big-time laughs. — Rodney Bengston, former editor, Sun Newspapers, USA.

◊The chapter titles as headlines are hilarious! — Nancy Erikson, former editor, The Catholic Universe Bulletin, Ohio.

◊ An insider’s tale of life at a newspaper, full of humor and accurate detail. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, this is a great introduction. And for those who have lived it, Anthony’s witty approach will bring smiles.— Carrie Buchanan, former reporter/editor, The Ottawa Citizen, Canada.

◊Very amusing, with a bit of nostalgia on my part. The small-town newspaper seems a vanishing species, with joys and agonies playing in a mix. Only an insider like Cliff could give such a tragicomedy, a period piece, for sure. — Jae-won Lee, professor – emeritus (Journalism), CSU, USA.

◊About as inside a look at the journalism business as you can get! — Tom Moore, former news anchor, Clear Channel Radio Cleveland, USA.

◊Through an allegory situated inside a newsroom of a small-town newspaper, Cliff Anthony engages us with wit and humor on the pivotal role journalism plays in politics.— Anup Kumar, former reporter, The Times Of India, India.

◊The pace is good and there is humor throughout. — Joanne Humphrey, editor,  Windjammer Adventure Publishing, Chagrin Falls, USA.

◊ An interesting look at the lives of small-town newspaper employees trying to do a job they love amidst wrenching changes to the industry. — Dave Schauweker,  Cuyahoga County Public Library Writers’ Club, USA.